Jenkins, J.T.

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Jenkins, J.T.
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Jenkins, J.T.

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Name: Jacob Taylor Jenkins
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Date of Birth: October 2nd, 2220
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario
Race and Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Medical Record: Clean

Physical Appearance:
Jenkins is physically imposing and gives off a threatening appearance due to his size. He is heavy for his weight, but that is due to muscle mass. His torso has many scars from a rough past with his brother and some beatings from his father. He has brown hair with the standard close-cropped Marine haircut.

Though he gives off an intimidating vibe at first glance, Jenkins is a very kind and caring person; he feels the need to help others and do what ever he can to accomplish that. He may be shy when it comes to talking to people and starting conversations but he will speak out for himself and others if he feels it is necessary. Jenkins also feels the need to try to become friends with everyone and find out about them so that he can feel more comfortable with people.
He also has a rough side. He gained this rough side from wrestling his dad when he was a young boy, which involved being belt whipped more often than not. His dad also arbitrarily hit him on occasion. Jenkins also fought with his brother, and as his age increased the fights became more violent.


Jake Jenkins was born 2 weeks early, on October 2nd, 2220. He was the son of a lawyer and a law clerk. He was born in Toronto and was brought up in a middle class family and was taught always to treat others with the same amount of respect as he would like to have. Two years later his brother Nick was born, Jacob liked having a little brother.

Over the next 2 years his mother mostly brought up the kids because their father worked a lot, but when he did spend time with his kids they loved it. Another 2 years had passed in Toronto when his parents decided to move into a small town. Eventually, after problems with their marriage, Jake’s parents divorced. They sold their house and his mom tried to gain custody and go to live with her parents. His dad wanted to be able to see his children and made sure that he won the fight for custody. Jake’s father eventually won the custody battle for both of his sons.

After the divorce, Jake and his brother moved in with their father, who lost his job after a short time. His father was no longer the richer parent but it allowed him to spend more time with his kids and at first they enjoyed their time. Jake loved living with his father because his mother had found a new love that he did not like at all. This new father had 2 of his own kids who took Jake’s mother’s attention away from him. His mother would always buy them gifts and give them everything they wanted. He and his brother, competing between each other for their parents’ attention, soon grew a great hatred for each other and began fighting. They had almost gone far enough to commit attempted murder before someone would stop them on several occasions. Jacob’s father decided it would be a better idea to move away from his ex-wife to America so their would be no more fights.

His new lifestyle with his dad was nice and he loved it but there were always the times where his dad would get angry and start to hit Jake for doing something wrong. He discovered his father drinking alone in his bedroom and realized he was an alcoholic. Jake was thirteen at the time.

They moved to Pittsburgh and Jake found few friends, but began losing interest in school. He went to a nice public school and was an average student because he never really cared about his schoolwork. He began to feel depressed but was never completely down because he knew that his few friends would be there for him. He started to hang out less and felt really down with himself but never told anyone. He eventually told his father who forced him to see a doctor so that he knew that his son was fine. The doctor had announced to him that his son was not completely depressed but had shown some signs.

He joined his school’s wrestling team and let out his anger in fighting. Jake was in the heavy weight division and noticed that he was the smallest guy but that didn’t bother him because it gave him the advantage of being faster. He soon found out that he was a great wrestler and his coach thought that with another year of training he would become a champion. After a year of training and getting ready he was able to accomplish his mission and become the champion wrestler of his division and went to state but had failed in the finals against a giant.

He was soon 18 and felt like he had nothing coming to him but when Jake was watching TV he saw a commercial for the United States Colonial Marine Corps and was immediately drawn in. He had wanted to join the army with his friend back in Canada but had been overweight then and still was, so he would have to lose weight in order to make it into the Corps. Jake got a membership at a gym and had a personal trainer help him out with losing weight and gain muscle tone. After two years of working out Jacob had lost all of his fat and was now a muscular man.

He applied for the Corps at age 20 and when he got his acceptance he was more excited then he had ever been in his entire life. He then went to boot camp and after weeks of training and pain the Drill Instructor caused, Jake passed as a fine Marine..
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