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Mica Demidova
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Mica Demidova

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Name: Misha Alexandra Demidova
Occupation: Classified
Employer: Department of Colonial Military Intelligence (DCMI)

Sex: Female
Age: 29
Date of Birth: 21 October 2214
Place of Birth: New Odessa, Belarus II, Russian Colonial Holding
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 137
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Medical Record: Three broken teeth (regrown), fractured mandible, several broken ribs, shattered right knee (replaced with a titanium one), artificial pancreas, shrapnel in her lower back, and a bullet fragment lodged in her rib on the left side near the lower portion of her rib cage. Facial reconstruction of the ocular sockets.

Physical Appearance: Deceptively frail looking to the first glance. However, Mica is a powerhouse when in the right set of circumstances. Mica maintains a pixie cut to her raven locks for utilitarian purposes for her line of employ. Many people do not feel comfortable to carry her gaze. Some find her brown eyes to be haunted, like someone who has seen too much.

Mica as a rule is very quiet choosing not to say much. It is not for lack of understanding English, but for the fact that her accent is incredibly thick. She prefers to let her actions speak for her. Mica tries her best to maintain her icy cold exterior for it has been her shield in the career she now possesses within the DCMI. However, despite her icy exterior earned from her years working for the triads doing their wet works before turning her coat completely, she is actually a very kind and generous spirit though no one can get close enough to see it.

Mica was born in New Odessa to a mother name Irina who was a music teacher and her father Demitri who was a Spetsnaz demolitions expert. Russian held colonial territories had been through some serious upheavals just after Mica was born. Separatists bombed markets, shot up schools and businesses and there were near constant attacks on the public transit between the colonial holdings in the Belarus system with that of other systems held by the nations of the Earth.

When Mica had first started school at the age of six, she and her mother were caught in the bombing of the soft target by colonial separatists. Mica and several other children escaped severe injury during the bombing attack due to the fact that they were on the other side of the large education complex at recess. Her mother and her class of music students were not so lucky. That day, Mica’s father Demitri looked at his daughter not as a little girl who just lost her mother, but as a young soldier to be molded into something better. In other words, her father went a little mad with grief and put into a motion a plan to turn his daughter into the perfect soldier. Every day for ten years straight he drilled his daughter like he would drill his own soldiers.

Ten years past before tragedy struck again. Mica’s father was killed in a sniper attack on the Russian Colonial Military complex. Mica was informed just as classes were coming to an end for the day. Since she had no one else to turn to, she dropped out of school. Sold all the possessions she was not going to need and booked passage on the Caspian Winds to any place that did not remind her of the loss. However, things did not go according to plan. Halfway through the trip, the entire crew and passengers were brought out of hyper sleep as a group of triad goods searched for those who would be ideal for the slave trade market. When they set their eyes on Mica they got more than they bargained for. She managed to take three of the seven goons out by hand before they beat her into submission with the butts of their rifles, their fists and their boots. When she awoke many months later, she found herself indebted to the Triad for their mercy and medical treatment. To the Triad, she was to repay them for this mercy as working in their wet works after noting that she had training and the willfulness to use it.

Eleven years and several hundred bodies attached to her credit, Mica tired of doing the Triad’s dirty work and slowly began to auction off her detailed insider information to the highest bidder. After a very tense bidding war, the Department of Colonial Military Intelligence won out. With Mica’s help they were able to take out two of the three legs of the triad and Mica was able to give a little back to the man who was her wet works handler for the triad. Despite being told not to take Aaron O’Brian’s life so he could face multiple charges, Demidova disobeyed by placing one bullet in each eye before mutilating his body. Mica had her reasons and only her present handler knows the details.

Example Post: To come.
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