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The Helljumpers RPG

Halo: The Helljumpers RPG

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Halo: The Helljumpers is a role-play community, focusing on the Human-Covenant War through the eyes of unsung heroes, what happens behind-the-scenes that the games and books will never show. Our story started in 2550, and focuses on a squad of elite Orbital Drop Shock Troopers under the command of ONI.

We welcome any literate RPers and are always looking for new members. If you're interested in joining, click [url=www.haloprojectguardian.proboards.com]here[/url and register on the site.

[center]The Story So Far[/center]

Our story started in September 2550. Charlie Six, an ODST squad that had suffered casualties nearly two months prior on the planet Crystal interviewed and received replacements for its losses. Shortly after a liaison with ONI Section I arrived and informed the squad leader they were being assigned under him for the time being to conduct anti-insurgency operations against the Insurrection.

Their first mission involved Insurrectionists who took control of a hotel and a movie theatre, took hostages and threatened to detonate a nuke in the city of Saint Rose, Reach. The squad eliminated the Insurrectionist forces, rescued the hostages, and disarmed the nuke at the cost of their own. Shortly after funeral services were held for,their fallen,comrade, Charlie Six was ordered to assist a UNSC Army platoon that had become pinned down by Insurrectionists at a farm.

The mission was botched from the beginning. The Pelican transporting Charlie Six was shot down. The ODSTs had to fight their way through the Innies, neutralize the hostiles tearing the Army platoon apart, and then capture intelligence on the Innies' activities. It was learned the Insurrectionist, being supplied with military hardware, had been planning an attack on the UNSC's orbitsl shipyards.

Next, came Operation: SCUMBUCKET. Reach had lost contact with the Outer Colony world of New Providence. Fearing a full scale Insurrectionist uprising had occured, the UNSC sent Charlie Six to investigate. What they,found was a Covenant fleet attacking the planet with UNSC forces barely holding out. Charlie Six dropped to the surface, regrouped with friendly forces, and launched a,counter offensive against the Covenant.

Eventually it was discovered the Covenant were converging on an island in the tropics region that had been home to an ONI Research Base. Charlie Six, having stolen a Covenant Phantom, launched an attack in the island and,discovered a Forerunner installation was there. The squad quickly fought their way inside, assassinated a Covenant Minor Prophet, and prevented the aliens from reaching their target: a Forerunner Starmap.

Soon UNSC reinforcements arrived and the forces of New Providence repelled the enemy. For the actions of Agent FULLMETAL and Charlie Six, FULLMETAL was promoted and assigned to ONI Section III, Beta-5 AAG. Charlie Six was then assigned under his command, becoming Oxide 5-9. 5-9's first mission was to the world of Rapture II, where it was believed another Starmap was located. Thanks to a slew of unfortunate circumstances, the Covenant arrived there first. Oxide 5-9, in an attempt to prevent the Covenant from landing forces on the planet, steered a derelict Covenant assault carrier into the lead ship in their fleet while the reactor was going critical. The resultant explosion decimated a bulk of the enemy fleet.

However, despite the maneuver, the Covenant still managed to land forces on the ground. Oxide 5-9 fought there way to the artifact but could not prevent them from reaching it. After a brief skirmish over Rapture IV, the Covenant seemingly retreated.

December 2550. Operation: SHOWSTOPPER. Oxide 5-9 had tracked the Covenant fleet responsible for the attack on Rapture to a position outside UNSC colonial space. Determined to find out where they had gone and possibly gather intel on a possible Covenant homeworld, the squad followed the Covenant through slipspace in the ONI Prowler Invisible Hand. Upon arriving in the hostile system, it was discovered they had stumbled upon a Covenant staging area. The Invisible Hand's stealth systems failed and it was,shot down over the planet the ODSTs would soon call "Hotel Papa," or hostile planet.

Oxide 5-9 spent two weeks on Hotel Papa. Heavy casualties were inflicted and Agent FULLMETAL alongside Corporal Ivy Williams were captured by the Covenant. 5-9 managed to escape thanks to the aid of an Elite known,only as the "Heretic." The remnants of the squad commandeered a Covenant Corvette and made their escape.

Three months went by after 5-9's return before the UNSC decided to go back in force. A UNSC fleet assembled to launch an offensive on Hotel Papa and all of Oxide Company was assembled for the mission, not just 5-9. Operation: SHOWSTOPPER II, much like its predecessor, was a failure. The bulk of the fleet was decimated, heavy casualties were had. Oxide 5-9 managed to complete its mission, however, as well as rescue Agent FULLMETAL from captivity.

A few months later Oxide 5-9 was called to action yet again, though this time against the Insurrection. Insurrectionist forces attacked the Visègrad Relay and a company of Army troops under the command of Colonel,Urban Holland requested reinforcements. 5-9 arrived to find the Innies had military weapons and equipment, including mobile anti-aircraft vehicles. The squad, with the help of the Army, managed to push their way to the Relay and neutralize the hostile forces. Inside the Relay proper, 5-9 captured the suspected leader of the Innies, a Major Thompson. He was taken into custody and held at ONI SWORD Base.

Little did they know there was a traitor on their midst. Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayson Stone had been in charge of 5-9 since after Operation: SHOWSTOPPER, broke Major Thompson and escaped while an army of Insurrectionists attacked the base in an attempt to kill 5-9. The attack was eventually repelled, but not without casualties. Lance Corporal Radclyffe was killed in action.

Agent FULLMETAL took his rightful place as Oxide 5-9's CO and met with Vice Admiral Margaret Parangosky, the head of the Office of Naval Intelligence, to brief her on the issue. She ordered 5-9 to find the leadees of the Insurrectionist cell responsible, the "Human League," and gave them their own custom Prowler. Officially, Oxide 5-9 is marked KIA so that the Innies are unaware of what's coming fkr them.

Operation: SEARCHLIGHT has commenced. The date is January 13th, 2552, and Oxide 5-9 is about to board the UNSC Thunder Child, a derelict destroyer being salvaged by the Innies. Their objective is to find clues on the whereabouts of the Human League.

Thia is where we are at.

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For those of you who may remember, this is Ward. I used to be a part of Colonial Marines in '08/'09. I originally created The Helljumpers in '09, though now I only assist in its administration. The current admin/GM is Rommel, AKA FULLMETAL. We're looking for quality role-players, preferably four or five more people, to fill our ranks.

We're currently hamdling the Counter Terrorism operation against the Human League, but soon we'll be dealing with the Battle of Reach. We need people and I'd love for some of y'all to join in. Just visit the site and if you register an account, hit me up and I'll assist you with anything you need in creating a character and getting squared away.

I hope to see you there!
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