Holly Crap! You're still alive!

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Holly Crap! You're still alive!

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Well imagine my surprise when I randomly stumbled into this nest of crazies XD

I was briefly very much active a while back and to see this place ressurected was a shocker :D

So this French dude, albeit me, lost all of his data on Pvt. LEROY Damien Neil. I remember some of the crazy stuff that was being done, some poor sods having their character's head almost blown to bits, another getting his insides redecoraded by a gutshot amongst other chaotic but great moments of Forum RP.

I've finished my studies and looking for a steady job on my end, so yeah, I have enough free time to remenesce on my old days of USCMC roleplaying. I wanted to find my character sheet for LEROY but the old place has been struck from the webs. I feel a bit sad since there was so much history poured into those forums.

There's a lot to be said of a group that manages to still be going after all these years. You guys rock!

Vive la France XD
(I might just work LEROY back to life, unless by some miracle somebody else made a backup of previous applications... fat chance of that. Oh and if a GM killed him off, well let me know too ^^)
Damien Neil LEROY
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