Legendary Tales

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Legendary Tales

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In an age long forgotten by man, a union of four nations was forged. It was known as ‘The Great Alliance’. This was a golden age of magic, rare and exotic weapons, massive naval ships and mythical creatures. Culture was thriving and everyone prospered from this great fortune. It was a time of peace and happiness but all things can not stay unchanged for long.

Aedonia, a large country in the North, was celebrating its anniversary as a nation and its long successful alliance with the dragons when tragedy struck. It was upon that day of 'Black Death' that the Dark Lord, Daemon Blaze, invaded the capitol city of Dragon Mount. He murdered the Royal Cathain Line from the Dragon King down to his new born son… or so it is claimed. Now the Mountain Kingdom lays broken, her dragons are trapped in stone and her people are enslaved, scattered throughout the 'Triad', hidden within the forbidden mountains or dead. No manner of man or beast enters the land for fear of being consumed by its darkness, enslaved or murdered.

Twenty years have passed since Aedonia’s fall and The Dark Lord's reach grows ever longer. He built treaties with the vampires and the greed driven country of Mendula. There are rumors that he has infiltrated places barely even dreamed of and he is continually working to conquer more. The borderlands of the three remaining nations, now called 'the Triad', are constantly at war as they fight off daily invasion from the Shadow Lands. The remainder of the World cowers and hides in fear of Daemon’s wrath leaving 'the Triad' to fend for itself. Little happiness remains in such a dark age of tyranny but the hope of the people is strong! They look to 'the Prophecy of Ages' and the day evil shall be overturned and peace shall be restored!

And thus begins our Legendary Tales…

What We Offer:
-A very friendly, helpful and fun loving group of Admins & Members
-A variety of races, ranks and nationalities to choose from when creating your character
-An organized and simple to use site that is easy on the eyes
-Detailed & useful information provided, explaining our fantasy world
-The ability to use magic with information on how it works
-Graphics for visual enhancement
-The site is active but not too crowded & has lots of boards to RP on
-Good Role Players who've been RPing for 3 years+ & are creative
-Plenty of high position characters available for play
-We accept any and all romantic preferences
-A Chat Box for discussions, questions, ideas & general OOC convo's
-And last but not least; A place to have fun, write with others & be yourself!

[url=http://s1.zetaboards.com/Legendary_Tales/topic/4051519/1/#new]Current Events[/url]

Interested?! If so, please click on our link at the top of our page and it will lead you to our main page. Or you can click the link below which will lead to our informative and helpful guided tour!

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