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Lockwood, W.D.
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Lockwood, W D

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Name: Windsor Dalbert Lockwood

Sex: Male


Date of Birth: 05/03/2221

Place of Birth: Avellorn Prime

Race and Ethnicity: White British
Height:5 feet 11”
Weight: 85kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown

Medical Record:
No known Allergies.

Received ballistic trauma to right shoulder associated with medium caliber automatic fire; underwent full functional recovery. Temporary and sporadic minor stiffness. Tissue scarring on right shoulder, front and rear.

Received ballistic trauma to the right thigh from small arms fire. Underwent surgery post action and rehabilitation. Full functional recovery with cosmetic scarring.

Physical Appearance:

Winsor Lockwood could have been handsome if he had not chosen a career in the USCMC; Previously possessing an aristocratic handsomeness with a strong square jawline and pristine nose with an almost perfect curve gradient. A once pristine nose is now significantly wider and possessing a slight crook; having been broken a number of times from professional and extracurricular activities.

Standing at an average height of just below six feet tall he possessing a medium to heavy build and a body fat percentage of roughly 10%.

Win sports a short cropped haircut standard issue among most of the USCMC but wears it slightly longer than the average buzzcut. This mainly to combat the starts of Widows Peaks pattern male hair recession.

Extroverted yet pragmatic, intelligent, highly cynical and possessing a honed dry humor. Win is a standout personality in any unit; whether on ops or off duty he is not one to be lost in the crowd.
Vain and self confident he is key to live his existence in the limelight, taking centre stage whenever the opportunity presents itself. This has on been exacerbated with his promotion to the status of ‘War Hero’ in his own eyes by his decorations.

Frank and brutally honest he either lacks the deeper emotional understanding to maintains long term intimate relationships or simply chooses not to. A man of integrity with a can-do attitude he is well liked for his team spirit and willingness to help.

Win will by his very nature conflict with certain other personalities. In particular he lacks a great deal of patience and this often leads to frustrations being vented openly. When interacting with others he will either form great friendships or provide a poor first impression. His very personality is a showcase of the diversity of the human race, epitomizing both its flaws and strengths in one package.

The surprising side to Windsor Dalbert Lockwood is that he has a secret soft spot for those who require help. Whether it is fellow marines or civilians he often cannot resist the urge to provide what assistance he can.


Windsor Dalbert Lockwood was born as a colony kid on Avellorn Prime to a family consisting of a mother, father, elder brother and elder sister. Avellorn Prime is a terraforming colony, possessing an atmosphere and climate of prehistoric Earth. His Mother worked as a nurse, caring for colonists with the medical staff in the medical station; his father was a microelectronics engineer; responsible for maintaining and developing the machinery planet side. His Elder brother and Sister would grow up to take on roles within the colony as it grew into a prosperous primitive world. His sister Rachel went on to become a doctor, educating the children and teenagers of the colony before they took up their apprenticeships. Alastair, his elder brother, followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming an electrical engineer and sharing in the love of technology.

Windsor was always restless but rarely destructive or a burden with it. He did not share the males’ in his family love of technology and wished to leave the colony. He often spoke to his parents of their homes, interested in the universe and what lay beyond the primitive colony. Windsor would listen for hours to any elders who talked of the different types of worlds inhabited by humans. Whether it was the vast urban worlds, like human hives, the hearts of manufacturing or the Agricultural worlds that were the bread basket of the human space empire.

So when the USCMC came recruiting Lockwood saw his chance to finally leave the colony and see the wide universe. Needless to say it was emotional and few wanted to see another colony kid leave their midst. So it was with much sadness and a vague sense of guilt that Win said goodbye to his family; knowing that it would be over 10 years before he saw them again, if he even survived the next ten years.

Win then spent the next 8 months at USCMC training depot in the Terminus System. Over the next 4 years he was deployed with a number of units; visiting a number of different systems and worlds.

His first duty was Escort detail with Zulu Company in an MOX unit for a frontier Science team. Most notably in his brief USCMC career was his part in frontline combat with Echo Company, mobile infantry company in 3rd Battalion aboard the USS Valor in the Rhanda Offensive and subsequent aid operations in the Tempus System. He was awarded his first Purple Heart and Silver Star for Gallantry in action during his part in the final assault on urban sector 09. Win was then recommended for Marine Recon duties and joined 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company on its duties with the Allied Forces Task Force 284 to battle the ‘Genesis Expedition’, a large aggressive anarchist terrorism movement. He received wounds to the right thigh while conducting an extraction of a wounded comrade; Win was awarded his second Purple Heart and later upon recommendation from his CO was awarded a Bronze Star for Valor. With the eventual defeat of The Genesis Expedition Task Force 284 was disbanded and the respective units sent back to standard operating procedure. Following completion of his latest tour Win requested transfer to a Special Operations Unit and was given joining instructions to join Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 21st Marine Regiment on the next solar cycle.

Sample Roleplay

OOC: Character from Omega Company was Windsor Lockwood. I’m writing this as I feel it is a nice opportunity to get back into it.
The UD4L Cheyenne Drop Ship swooped over the conflict in the dying light, flanked by two of its brothers carrying the rest of Echo Company, small arms fire rattled off the exterior hull, sending small echoes and pings shooting around the space inside the hull. The offensive had so been a success but as always the final steps, the conclusion to the conflict would be the hardest. The marines of 3rd Battalion would be attempting to finish a desperate enemy on their final stand. The rebels had already taken a hammering from orbit as the USS Righteous brought its mighty guns to bear. However, as Private Lockwood sat and listened to the small arms fire rake the hulls and the dull echo as heavy caliber anti air was scrambled to combat the fast moving dropships he couldn’t help feel that when they entered the small city from the western approach there would be more than a small welcoming party waiting.

That was the least of their worries; they would have to get there first. If these rebels got their act together and turned some of the legacy AA equipment on them accurately then the Cheyenne wouldn’t take many before it would have to go down. Going down in an urban area surrounded by rebels was nobody’s cup of tea and the thought wasn’t worth dwelling on. Instead Lockwood sat and waited, staring into space, waiting for the warning from the Crew Chief that they were ETA 1 Mikes from DZ.
Then finally after almost an age it came, the shouting, the comm. Net buzzed and a sudden energy filled the hull as Marines stood and took hold of the handholds to steady themselves as the Dropship rode the thermals and swirling gusts. Butterflies churned in his stomach but Win knew that as soon as things got real and the action and adrenaline kicked in then they would soon be forgotten, replaced by a survival instinct and a fight instinct.

30 seconds Marines! Once this Bird lands you got 10 seconds to get off it before it departs. The gunnery sergeant could be heard clearly over the comm-net as his words were echoed with the usual OOO-rah from the assembled marines. The bird hit the turf and a cold rush of air hit the marines in the bay as the ramp lowered. Sirens wailed as the lights went red in the bay and two files of marines burst out of the bay and down the ramp. Win could hear the shouting of squad leaders and the gunny over the roar of the engines as they made ready to depart.

Finally, he was out and on the worn tarmac as the last of the marines spread out to form a perimeter. Looking to the left and right Win watched as the other Dropships carrying the rest of the company dusted off, covering their cargo with dust and debris. 1st squad moved up, covering the ground quickly toward the city through the industrial estate. It was the Vulcan from their departing Dropship that heralded the arrival of their welcoming party as it sought to pin the advancing rebels down and buy the marines time as much time as possible as they moved up to more substantial positions. He so hated being right about these things.
The first of the small arms fire crackled toward them and marines dived for cover. Some gave short inaccurate bursts in response as they scrambled to find substantial cover. The rebels had been more organized than they had thought and managed to get a force to the edge of the industrial estate to attempt a defense of the western edge of the city. Meanwhile Lockwood knew that the other Companies; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Dog were already in contact with the enemy in other areas of the city. Not that it mattered right now, the rounds were flying and those that fell short kicked up small chunks of tarmac or rockcrete from the floor.

Win stood and let off a burst of fire from his pulse rifle towards the rebels but could only make out the odd flash as the enemy raked the area with suppressive fire. The tactic was simple and effective, pin down the enemy until you could deploy either reinforcements, heavier weapons or both. The gunny was heard to give the order to move up by fireteams over the Comms and soon the volume of return fire from the marines increased as men sprang toward the next cover in the quick advance.
As the advance continued it was clear that it would be decided by close combat and a surge of red filled Win, unlocking his primal instincts. The next hop would have them among the rebels, to kill or be killed. Marines checked clips and nodded to each other. Then with a roar Win darted from cover and sprinted to cover the final twenty metres. Time slowed as rounds whizzed by, the world became flashes of deadly light and muffled sounds. A rifle grenade impacted just in front of him and to the right and the shouts of agony gave the clue as to its effectiveness, the shockwave grasped him and shook him free and suddenly he could move again, his limbs were no longer lead, the senses no longer dulled.

Rounding the corner there was no going back, squeeze and point, the kick was the response and the rounds would do the rest. The first rebel, an ageing man in what must have been his late forties, it was difficult to tell, was rag dolled as two bursts took him off his feet. The kid behind him wasn’t quick enough and he went down as Win hosed the alcove that served as their makeshift bunker.
As he turned to progress his right shoulder exploded with a white hot lance of pain and Win fought stars in front of his eyes as he stumbled backward into the alcove. Shaking his head he cleared his vision to see a group of rebels rushing over the rubble toward him. Biting back the dull ache he gathered up his pulse rifle and pointed it toward the entrance.

A head and barrel appeared and he met it with a squeeze of the trigger finger and it disappeared in a spray of red. Soon two more bodies filled the gap, their weapons searching for their prey. This time he sprayed the hole, holding down the trigger and filling the entrance with rounds. The two rebels went down as he roar of the pulse rifle gave way to a clicking; signaling he was empty.

A figure entered the alcove and he vainly scrambled to reload his rifle, knowing that he would certainly die on his godforsaken shithole of a planet. The figure spoke, his voice almost jovial;

“Common Marine, you won’t win this war hiding in there”

Gunnery Sergeant Watkins always did have a twisted sense of humor.
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