Anderson, W.S.

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Anderson, W.S.
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Anderson, W.S.

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Name: William Scott Anderson
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Date of Birth: April 12, 2221
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
Race and Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 185lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Medical Record: Clean

Physical Appearance:
Anderson is average and physically fit for a Colonial Marine. He has a standard medium regulation haircut, preserving the hair on the top of his head. His facial features are nondescript, often confused with other people throughout his life and blending in well. In battle-dress, Anderson is not easily distinguished from fellow soldiers.

Anderson is not the type to start a conversation most of the time. His ice breakers are usually limited to "Hey" or "What's up". When spoken to, Anderson will indeed reply and join in friendly conversation, but usually is quietly thinking to himself about whatever is on his mind. A lot of his time around other people is spent making personal observations instead of socially joining in. A darker side of Will Anderson has been known to appear on the battlefield, where in combat situations he has executed unarmed and surrendered enemies without the knowledge or approval of his superiors. Though he does not necessarily enjoy being in combat, he nevertheless does not refrain from taking any available chance to kill a nearby enemy by any means necessary. Contrarily, he exercises extreme caution and protection over civilian personnel while in combat, possibly putting their lives before his, priority wise. Off the battlefield, Anderson enjoys reading, listening to music, or working out. Unlike most Marines, he doesn't mind the peace and quiet that comes between missions.


Will Anderson was born April 12th, 2221 in Ohio to a career Colonial Marine father and a working mother. At the age of 11, his mother died of cancer and he was forced to live with his grandparents until legal adulthood.

Living with his grandparents, Will didn't get to see much of his father, who was serving on active duty as a Major, following a long-standing family tradition with the Marines. He did not get to know his father that much throughout his childhood, and during the times he saw him, they were only close through gifts exchanged at Christmas or on Will's birthday. Will's grandfather entertained him often with old war stories of his time spent in the USCM, which was a subliminal tactic to get Will eager to join at the required minimum age.

Throughout high school he went mostly unnoticed by teachers and made few friends. He had a brief stint on the football team his sophomore and junior year. Will never received the deserved praise from his relatives for his success in high school. He graduated with high honors in 2239.

Anderson enrolled in community college for a year, to his grandparents' dismay. He broke the family tradition of enlisting in the Marines at age 18. He paid for the tuition with scholarships received from his success in high school, and money earned from working. During his year in college his major was undeclared to specifically disappoint and draw attention from his distant father. During school, Will's ideals became more liberal than when he was younger and his grandfather filled his mind with war and military. He soon decided that he would never join the Marines, but had not decided what to pursue instead.

At age 19 during the summer of 2240, in July, Will's father was killed in action and he was devastated. For a few weeks he suffered from depression from the loss because he never got to know his father as much as he had wanted to. Following intense pressure from his grandfather, Will enlisted for active duty with the Colonial Marines on August 7th, completely ignoring the fact that he had registered for another semester of school.
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