An Elusive Target

A renegade Colonial Marine Conestoga-class transport has broken from a task force assigned to patrol the Golgotha Cluster. Refusing to respond to all transmissions, the vessel slipped into the stars.

Recovery of the ship and its crew is the primary objective for the crew of the USS Omaha.
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An Elusive Target

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DATE: August 28, 2191

Showers were good. A warm shower after waking from cryo was always a nice way to get yourself back into the game. Especially after the disorientation of a long hibernation period. Especially before shore leave. Long rotations and patrols in the void were boring. Typically, hibernation wasn't exactly just sleep; VR simulations were pre-loaded by the ship's computer, MOTHER, to ensure that the Marines remained mentally sharp, despite the long transit times between AOs. The last sim was a combat sim; a simulated boarding of the Omaha by unknown hostile forces. The sim had been cut short, but nobody was complaining; these rote exercises weren't always a walk in the park. Besides, cutting the sim short meant that Abrams couldn't frogstomp anyone for any fuckups.

Liberty was gonna be nice.

There was only one problem, of course. The Marines of the Omaha had been awakened a little too early. The Tank and the El-Tee had vanished, most likely to converse about something that they'd eventually tell the Marines. That was the life of a grunt. Kept in the dark and fucked by the green weenie.

Grumbling and speculation abound in the locker and shower rooms. What was it gonna be this time? The Omaha had seen a lot of action; from the jungles of Tobik IV to the more civilized areas of Arcturia, the Omaha's Marines had been on rotation for quite some time now. While a personnel transfer had seen a lot of the Omaha's old veterans sent to the USS Verloc and USS Marlow, there were still enough Marines left onboard the Omaha to present a significant threat to anything that needed killing.

Thankfully, it didn't seem like the Marines had to wait long to find out why they'd been awoken early.

"All hands to the briefing in the Command Center by order of Captain Stevens!" Master Gunnery Sergeant Abrams' voice barked over the intercom.

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