Hello Everyone.

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Mickety, S
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Hello Everyone.

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Hello, I'll give a brief introduction and maybe my review of A:CM (please don;t kill me through the internet.) I found this after searching for a USCMC roleplay and quite of few of the others i found haven't had posts in years this one is the only active one i have found so yeah I applied here. I live in Melborune Australia, in my last 4 months of High school then maybe university (we don't have colleges persay...) TAFE ( Technical And Further Education, basicly for mechanics, carpenters and suprisingly a large ammount of IT work or to get prerequisits for University.) Or Join the Royal Australian Navy. Yeah as I said I live in Melbourne (well not in the city or technicly the suburbs but you can get to it within around 30-45 minutes with low to medium traffic) It rains alot during winter, and it gets to around 110-120 degrees F during summer with around 35 F in the winter for the morningsusualy gets up to around 51 to 60 during the hottest part of the winter days, we drive on the other side of the road, We are basicly not so little America(australia is around the asme size as Continental US, Same culture as you guys.) Now onto Aliens: Colonial Marines, Now from the price point for me its was an average price of $80 Australian dollars for the standard version which isn't exactly easy to get, I didn't mind the story of single player, but if the aliens didn't jump right onto the barrel of my shotgun I would have liked it more but with the harder dificulties it played better although the Alien part of AVP and AVP2 (video games) were much more realistic and much more atmosphereic, the Multiplayer makes me jump when I get teared apart by three aliens on the roof, it was a solid 6/10.
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Radley, B. G.
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Re: Hello Everyone.

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What's up, Mick? Sounds like you're coming up to a lot in life. Just so you know: when I was in the US Navy, I met a few RAN folks and they were cool people. Whatever the case, we're mostly young people here. A few older folks. I've just started school again and a few others of us are just finishing. Pretty much, just because we live either in the US or in the UK or in your case Australia, doesn't mean we aren't the same people. To wrap this section up, I just want to welcome you to A:CMC as a new member. Thanks for joining up!

As for A:CM, I couldn't be more uninterested in playing the game. I didn't even think of jumping for it until I heard word from these guys on here. These guys have had the luckiness to be around for AVP1 and 2 and the other games--and general consensus was it sucked.
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Cohen, J
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Re: Hello Everyone.

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Colonial Marines did not live up to my near-decade worth of anticipation. I was so sorely saddened by the first release of the game, but the patch makes it *okay*.

AVP2 still remains my favorite series game. AVP1 was frustrating, AVP 2010 was meh, and the Alien Trilogy for the PS1 was just another meh shooter from that generation.
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