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Mickety, S

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Department of Defense
Department of the Colonial Navy
United States Colonial Marine Corps

--Personal Information

Name: Scott 'Egg' Mickety
Birth Certificate: 06/05/2225 - Age 19 - Melbourne, Australia (I used DD/MM/YYYY format)
Sex: Male

Background Check:
The second of two sons to a average middle class Australian family, He had an easy early childhood filled with carelessness and fun, He would spend his days playing both Australian rules footbal and Cricket along with any other ball sport he could get his hands on.
Just before his sixth birthday he began to attend Primary school (starts at 4,5 or 6 ends at 11,12 or 13 respectivly) He god average to good marks, but known by his teachers for his lack of interest or lack of effort. After only a few years of high school (covers years or grades 7-12) his family was forced by nessecity to move to Bellevue California in the former United states, where he began the tenth grade. This move however severly impacted upon him as the education systems while similar were differnt enough for him to need a major adjustment and as again his lack of interest and effort did not help while his teachers noted if he tried he could possibly be the best in the school he seemed contented with a boring average Cs', This was however after being violently beaten by schoolyard bullies for being a nerd or dweeb and as such he deliberatly dropped his grades and began playing sport. By the time the begining of the 12th grade had come upon him he had decided that he would go off and work in space unlike his family, he was is particular interested in the United states colonial marine corps but upon learning more realised he would need or atleast be in the process of gaining citizenship which through his hidden intelligence and the length of time he had lived in california was easy and he had gotten it by the end of the twelth grade along with a slightly above average high school score (I have no idea what you call) and Immediatly applied for the USCMC and was accepted after a shaky physical evaluation.

His training would be particularly hard in the fact that he was not american and was generaly much more educated or at least intelligent than a large number of other marine recruits and would be the target of frequent and often extremely violent hazings, one of which during a live fire training excersise would cost him his left forarm and hand, this would however only delay him as he agreed to have this rectified with a transplant of a synthetic left forearm and hand, after which he would complete his training of which he had shown a particular specialty for averageness once again and begin his first deployment.
--DD502 Medical Evaluation

Height: 6'0
Weight: 195 pounds (88.5 KG)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Scars/Marks/Tattoos: Left Forearm has a slight discolouration compared to the rest of that arm due to it being a impant.

Physical Description: Standing at a 6 feet tall and with a rather weak look for a marine with an average to leanishm looking arms legs and chest, his head to his and others amusment was prominantly egg shaped, he was not handsome, cute or sexy for a man but neither was he ugly or foul looking. With his Marine buzz cut hair he looked very similar and could with ease blend into any group of marines, While not fit or bulky his looks hid a suprising ammount of his physical power particularly when pissed off.

Personality: Known for his sometimes quite and withdrawn personality earlier in his life the Marines had opened him up and he had become somewhat of a more normal person He would also somewhat more reserved in most things but in particular private matters than most marines not boasting about his sexual or physical prowess, He was also one of the few marines to treat synthetics as people rather than the same as an APC or pulse rifle. Takes a very analytical way often thinking trough every problem with almost robotic methodicalness, this while when he had time would be could he could quite quickly make very sensible short and sharp descisions.
Medical Record: Artifical left forearm and hand after his original one was amputated after being destroyed during a live fire excersie in training.

--DD213 Equipment Receipt

Primary Weapon
Location on Body:

Secondary Weapon (Optional)
Location on Body:

Other Weapon (Optional)
Location on Body:

- M4 Combat Armor [w/ leg and thigh protection, groin protector, and forearm protection, shoulder mounted spotlight, kinetic battery, and wireless PRC 490/1/1 Squadlink Radio] Had an Australian falg Painted into both shoulder pads along with a boxing kangaroo squarely in the middle of tthe chestplate.
  • Additional Description to include customization, paint, modifications, etc (Optional)
- M5 Integrated Marine Combat Helmet [With mounted camera, spotlight, thermal/nightvision optics, and PRC 490/1/1 Squadlink Microphone and Receiver]
  • Additional Description to include customization, paint, modifications, etc (Optional)
- M22A2 Hostile Environment Atmosphere Resistant Suite (HENVARS) [The latest in Marine technology, this suit integrates with the M4 Combat Armor to completely protect Marines from hostile atmospheres, vacuum, radiation, and other dangerous aspects of extraterran environments. Also comes with the M23 Pressure Helmet, with offers superior cranial protection and a visor, complete with HUD, PRC490/1/1 Squadlink Radio Microphone and Receiver, mounted spotlight, and camera.)
  • Additional Description to include customization, paint, modifications, etc (Optional)

--USCMC Service Record Jacket

Roster Assignment:
Designation: 0311 Rifleman.
PFT/CFT Score:
Rifle Marksmanship Qualification:

Awards: N/A

Deployments: N/A

Sample Post:
After staying at the OP for twice the original time he was there he was finaly relived, Scott Soon made it back to the main line of his platoon, most of the other marines were having fights joking around, after all this was a training mission, Scott soon set himself down in a quite corner of his platoons base knowing that the planned 'attack' from one of the other platoons was soon and not having slept for 6 hours Scott decided that although his respite would be short it would be enough. He would awake in his corner as the drill sergeants began bellowing and barking their order to get up, get ready and lock and load he was still asleep it would takw one of his very few friends to come and shake him awake that he finaly responed "What the shit is going on?" "The attack man get the fuck up now unless you want to be the reason we all fail." shouted the other marine during the simulated gunfire and explosions.

Scott Quickly got to his feet and readied his training rifle knowing where the opposing platoon was coming from he began fire a few shots to test if his assumtion was correct, his answer can in the hail of simulated bullet than impacted his small tree of cover, He then felt himself being heaved him and over this tree by two other marines he after landning in a heap of armour, weapons and man strigled to his feet and back over the tree only to be looking at a low power training grenade, but as msart as he was he knew that at that range it could even though it was a training grenade take his arm off or so bad he might have to have it amputated. All he saw next was the fireball that burned and fragmented his left forearm and his blood. which was everywhere, he was to stunned to even say anything or move it took a few seconds for another marine to turn around asking "why arn't you firing Egg?" Just as he finished his sentanced the young marine turned pale and rather fumbling with his words shouted "MEDIC! M.. m... MEDIC!"
The next thing Scott knew he awoke in the base hospital with a few of his friends and his drill sergeant standing over him with the sergeant growling "How did you fuck this up marine?" Scott grogily replied "No idea sergeant..." Soon a doctor would come along and Informhim that his left arm from about two thirds of the way up his forearm was to be amputated, "How ever..." mumbled the doctor "We can try giving you an artifical left forearm and hand but it will be like one from a synthetic... AND it will take time to get used to." With this Scott agreed to have his left forearm and hand replaced along with the agreement that he would afterwards finish his training.
(note: I couldn't post this in the marine section so posted it here if its in the wrong place I appologise right now.)
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