The Nostalgia Thread

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Cohen, J
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The Nostalgia Thread

Post by Cohen, J »

So I went hunting through the good 'ol web archives and the really old EZ board (which is somehow still kicking)

Do I ever miss you fuckers! Between Hoban punching out Abrams, forcefully shaving Pliskin, and lots more, I suddenly feel nostalgic. I couldn't find ALL of the old stuff (as the web archive didn't save too much from our second board), but some things I'll always remember are Pliskin shooting himself in the throat, the whole standoff on mission 2, Pav getting nutshot and lit on fire, and who could ever forget the general derp threads we always had running? (lol Super Treyos!)

Hope you're all doing well. If I make it out of finals alive, I could easily run an arc for those of us still around.
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