Sci-Fi RPG

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Sci-Fi RPG

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I'm opening a sci-fi RPG. Its basically going to be an open universe with unlimited possibilities. It'll be legit and original. Currently running a prequel on a dummy site (the actual site is undergoing creation and etc, ETA one month). For those of you who want to get your 'Colonial Marine' fill, shoot me an email. The prequel I'm personally involved in is based around my character (and other military enlistees) undergoing basic training as well as Orbital Ranger School, all in preparation for a war which will be the first main plot upon launch of the site.

Again, it is an open galaxy style RPG so you can virtually be, or do, whatever you want; the military option is one way to go.

Shoot me an email at if you are interested in prequel participation, it will give you in-game perks after the hard launch. Whoever doesn't participate will just wait until the hard launch, after which I will post an official advertisement.

K thx bai
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Re: Sci-Fi RPG

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