Recruiting Opportunity (Let's Advertise!)

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Recruiting Opportunity (Let's Advertise!)

Post by Arose »

Below we have some information on how to advertise for "Aliens: Colonial Marines" / "Rim" / whatever you want to call us. Please pay attention to the advertising rules where you put up our banner, and also be sure to check that we haven't advertised there recently.

Members who advertise will be rewarded. Marines will receive the "Recruiting Ribbon" award. Civilians / everyone else...not sure yet. We'll think of something for you.

Thanks in advance and be sure to post where you advertised below to keep the staff and everyone else informed!

Mini-Preview: Trust me, it's pretty full size.

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Now, for those that don't take graphics:

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[b]Site Name:[/b] Aliens: United States Colonial Marine Corps Role-Playing Game
[b]Site Link:[/b] [url][/url]

[b]Plot:[/b] They call it Rim. They also call it the arm of the galaxy. Neither statement is really accurate per se. Not in a literal sense, at least. Those are just nick names smeared onto the gigantic outer portion of the galaxy that extends past Earth and her core colonies. Rim though…it’s something else. Imagine the United American civil war when Mexico tried to secede. Plenty of civilized interaction near the populated areas…and plenty of fighting out near the shit hole spots where no one wanted to live. It’s like that out in Rim, too. There are a lot of big colonies. Populations into the hundreds of millions in some of them. But there are also a lot of really under populated areas as well. Kind of like…big ass galactic ghettos. Yeah, there’s a lot of people in them, causing problems. Being hellions. Rebelling. There are also the menagerie of other sentient beings too, and they cause just as much trouble as the humans do. Arcturians, Greens…a few other lesser known assholes that only pop up once every few years…but they are out there. 

Point is…Rim isn’t so much a rim. It’s more like…the greater portion of the circle with the civilized human area closer to Earth and her core colonies. We know about all there is to know when you get close to the home world. Out here, though, it’s like the wild wild west. People fighting people. People fighting the uh…”galactic residents”. And you know what sucks the worst about it? We’re like the new kid in school…getting bullied pretty much by everyone. 

It’s pretty easy to see why they need Marines when you venture out into this mess.

[b]- Rim is an extended Alien universe RPG that borrows science fiction elements from other genres to give a complete sci-fi - horror RPG experience.  There are character applications for Colonial Marines, civilians, synthetics, and even a limited number of other races.  If you're looking for a science fiction RPG with an in depth plot, free form writing, and plenty of options for personal storylines, then look no further! [/b]
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