Extraterrestrial Sentient Application

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Extraterrestrial Sentient Application

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Please remember to post your biography in the Applications forum!

Look below for current listings of extraterrestrial races!

Office of Naval Intelligence
Official Registry of Extraterrestrial Sentients
Individual Sentient Record

--Basic Information:

Name: How your character is recognized by others.
Species: The chosen species of your character as listed below. Please note, there are other races in the USCMC universe. However, none of them are available for game play at this time.
Affiliated Organizations: An Arcturian who fights for ARM? A Sangheili who is associated with Xhenphis? List any affiliated organizations here.
Occupation: Your characters official occupation.
Employer: Is your character employed by someone outside of an affiliated organization?

Background: A history of your character.


Gender: (If Applicable)
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Skin Pigmentation: According to genetic diversity in your chosen species.
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Medical Record: Any allergies, cybernetic enhancements, and so on that the docs need to know about.

Physical Appearance: What does your character look like? What are his/her notable features? Be as descriptive as possible.

Personality: How does he/she behave? How does he/she tend to interact with others? What motivates him/her?

--Other Information

Weapons: Does your character own an weapons? Feel creative with this, but remember to keep it something relevant to your characters species!

Personal Effects: Anything of note that your character might own should be included here.

Example Post: At least a paragraph or two of your writing style. Doesn't need to be related to this game, but we would like to see how you write. NOTE: This is not necessary if you've had an accepted character with AXOD/Raid Haven, Omega Company, Sierra Company, or Nomad Haven. (Just let us know who you are/were.)

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 [color=red][size=200]Please remember to post your biography in the Applications forum!

Look below for current listings of extraterrestrial races![/color][/size]

[b][color=lime][size=150]Office of Naval Intelligence 
Official Registry of Extraterrestrial Sentients
Individual Sentient Record[/size]

--Basic Information:[/color][/b]

[b]Affiliated Organizations:[/b]  



[b]Gender:[/b]  (If Applicable)
[b]Date of Birth:[/b]
[b]Place of Birth:[/b]
[b]Skin Pigmentation:[/b]  
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Medical Record:[/b]   

[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]  


--Other Information[/color][/b]


[b]Personal Effects:[/b]  
[b]Example Post:[/b]  

Office of Naval Intelligence
Current Listing of Sentient Extraterrestrial Species




Lifespan: 16 years to adulthood, 75 years average lifespan

Intelligence and Technology: Easily as intelligent as the average human, Arcturians are an emerging race who were catapulted from their own bronze age and into the space age within a matter of a few decades after being discovered by humans. Arcturians are almost 100% reliant on human technology, and have developed very little on their own.

Language: Traditional Arcturian is a series of chirps, whistles, and clicks. However, it has rapidly been replaced by English as the primary language.

Appearance and Physicality: Very similar to humans, the biggest differences between humans and Arcturians is that the average Arcturian is only between 4’2” and 5’5” in height and weighs in between 75 and 160 pounds. Their skin is blue and has a scale-like pattern on it. Coupled with their diminutive size, this has earned them the nickname “Smurfs”.
It is important to note that Arcturian genital roles are reversed, with males having internal genitalia and females having external genitalia. All Arcturians also have decidedly feminine traits in their overall appearance, earning them a particularly prized place in human prostitution rings.



SR-266, “Yazeer”

Lifespan: 12 years to adulthood, 83 years average lifespan

Intelligence and Technology: The race known as the Yazirian hails from the surveyed world of SR-266, which was unofficially named Yazeer by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While they are thought of as being more intelligent than humans, they develop technology at a very slow rate. They are actually an advanced scavenger race, surviving on the refuse of others, to include their technology. The Yazirians have collected discarded technology from all other races, building their own from its scrap, and are often happily employed as engineers for other races.

Language: Yazirians don’t really have a native “language” of their own. They often communicate by touching the tips of their tentacles together. In order to communicate with other races, however, most specifically humans, they have learned to type out messages on keyboards, and will sometimes carry keyboard communication devices of their own, some of which have voice programs installed.

Appearance and Physicality: Roughly 5’6” to 7’0” in trunk height, the most noticeable feature of the Yazirian is that it has a number of tentacles extending from the middle of the torso on either side, usually at least twelve in number. They have four eyes on their head and a snout that ends with a sort of “prehensile mouth”, that is only really good for eating and breathing.




Lifespan: 11 years to adulthood, 63 years average lifespan

Intelligence and Technology: The individual Prawn is often looked upon as a simple creature of limited intelligence. Parallel evolution has made them very similar to Earthen insects, and their intelligence, what the common individual does possess at least, is often limited to a series of genetically preprogrammed and instinctual aspects. They are hatched with nearly all of the intelligence they will possess throughout their comparatively short lives and the few individuals that do have the capacity to learn are few and far between, all though these mentioned individuals are often extremely intelligent.
It is because of these individuals that Prawn society has their technology, which includes advanced ships and weapons as well as exosuits and medical abilities. Prawn weapons are amongst the most highly sought after items on the black market, but are coded to Prawn hands and have genetic weapon locks installed. Terran reverse engineering has had a great deal of trouble trying to learn the secrets of these powerful weapons.

Language: Prawns are actually quite versatile at understanding other languages, but often have a hard time speaking them on their own. There are some who have learned English, but they are often more well versed in German or Russian, when dealing with the Terran languages. Otherwise, they are quite adapt at speaking their own language, which is a mixture of chittering, rough words, and guttural barks.

Appearance and Physicality: Usually between 4’8” and 6’1” in height and roughly 85 to 175 pounds, you hardly ever see a heavier Prawn because of their exoskeletons. They do, on occasion, like to adorn their exoskeletons in paints and body art.


[url=http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/054/f/e/one_glimpse_by_etoli-d3a8z4z.jpg]First Image[/url]
[url=http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs33/i/2008/307/9/f/Halo_Elites_by_dano555666.jpg]Second Image[/url]


Lifespan: Adulthood in approximately 22 years; 96 years average life expectancy

Intelligence and Technology: Sangheili are as intelligent as they are smart; their energy based technologies surpass that of humans by nearly five hundred years. Their ships have surpassed humanities own FTL drives with the ability to punch holes in space and move quickly from one point to another in what is known as slipspace. Currently, they are allowing human communications to move through their own slipspace openings, but are hindering human transportation from using similar technology. They have plasma based weaponry of all varieties, but are very fond of plasma-bladed weapons.

Language: Traditional Sangheili is a guttural language of barks, ‘burps’, and rough short words. However, most Sangheili have already began to get a rough understanding of human common / English.

Appearance and Physicality: Males are tall and thick built, ranging from 6’8” to 8’2” in stature. They exceed humans in physicality simply out of genetics and structure. Females are a little shorter, generally in the 5’11” to 7’2” range. Weights are generally between 200 and 520 pounds, depending on gender and height. Skin tones are between lighter shades of gray and dark charcoal colors.

”Delva” (Arcturian) image copyright [url=http://niko2137.deviantart.com/]niko2137[/url] at DeviantArt.com

”Yigsin” (Yazirian) image copyright [url=http://methuselah3000.deviantart.com/]Methuseluh3000[/url] at DeviantArt.com