MOS Designations

All technical information pertaining to weapons, vehicles, armor, and aerospace assets are listed here.
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MOS Designations

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MOS Designations

--Line Company Personnel

0311 Rifleman:
The basic unit of the Colonial Marine Corps infantry company, the Rifleman is the Marine who is most responsible for the up close in your face action Marines are known for.

0312 Designated Marksman: Squad level sharp shooters, the 0312 community provides over-watch capabilities for squads when ANGLICO / STA / FIST assets may already be stretched thin with priority missions.

0331 Smartgunner: Also known as a Machinegunner or Squad Autoamatic Weapon (SAW) Operator, this Marine is in charge of Fireteam level fire support.

0351 Demolitions: These Marines are responsible for employing a variety of explosives, from mines and grenades to C4, in a variety of offensive, defensive, and tactical applications.

0352 Assaultman: Heavy weapons experts, Assaultmen utilize a number of heavy weapons such as the M78A PPIG, M6B SMAR, M92 Minigun, and M120 SLAM.

0621 Communications Technician: The brain children of the average Marine company, the 0621 is responsible for setting up communication networks, carrying the HN21G Surface to Space Radio (the hub for the common PRC401/1/1 Squadlink Radio), and utilizing other equipment such as TERMITE and the Hacking Device.

8552 Combat Medic: Replacing the Corpsmen of old, Combat Medics tend to the wounded on the battlefield, provide medical attention for humanitarian aide missions, call for medical evacuations, and other medical responsibilities.


--Fire Support Team (FIST) Personnel

0317 Sniper: Direct precision fire support is provided by the Sniper, who is almost always integrated as the STA asset in any FIST team to the infantry line company.

0321 Reconnaissance: These Marines support the effort of the 0861 Scout and the 0317 Sniper by gathering battlefield intelligence, target locations and spottings, and security during combat operations.

0861 Scout: The link between the infantry squad / platoon and the available higher fire support assets is the Scout, who has a variety of weapons at his disposal including orbital artillery, mechanized artillery / mortars, close air support, and PARGET targeting.
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