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A List of Major Corporations

Posted: Aug 21, 2012, 10:30 PM
by Arose

Major Corporations


Weyland-Yutani Corporation: Responsible for most major terraforming operations and the setup of atmosphere processors and colonial establishments all the way from Rim to Earth. They are also a major manufacturer of starships, weapons, and other projects for both civilian and government use, most prominent of their buyers being, of course, the United States Colonial Marine Corps.

Hyperdyne Systems: Previously known as Cyberdyne Systems, Hyperdyne manufactures all types of robotic equipment, from basic assembly line systems to LAA-242 and LAA-245 Police Robot systems, as well as all manner of androids / synthetic humans, be them for standard use, scientific research, companionship, combat roles, or even recreational / pleasure models.

Grant Bioethics: Grant is a company that is known for its scientific research into biological systems, and is currently spearheading the understanding of most of the ecosystems and extraterrestrial life we encounter during our expansion into the Milky Way. Their methods of interaction and even public relations are renown even amongst other major businesses for their ethical behavior.

The Saturn Organization: A special corporation built around the perfection of high energy technology, advanced pharmaceuticals and medical procedures, and top secret genetic and bio-physics testing. Its owned and operated by Cyrus Ashton, an aging Nuclear Research Specialist and Bio-Physicist who helped spear head the development in the X44 Anti-Matter Drive. The company also employs the muscle of the New Light Commandoes, an elite organization of corporate mercenaries who are known for their advanced tactics and abilities as well as their vicious and tenacious fighting style.
  • Lucien Technologies: A previous private corporation, Lucien Technologies has since been absorbed by The Saturn Organization. Lucien Technologies and The Saturn Organization are Weyland-Yutani’s top competitor in the creation of military technology and FTL assets.