Android, automaton, and fabricated Terran records are filed here.
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Hyperdyne Systems
Registry of Synthetic Persons . . .
Requesting Clearance. . . . .

Name: Taggard, Merric
Call Sign: JEDI 4-4
Rank: (Technical) Sergeant
Grade: E-5 (T)
Function: Military Support
Advanced Combat Model Synthetic - Programed with an experimental behavior learning algorithm allowing the development of a human like personality and reactions. Program integrated into the synthetically enhanced “template” of select USCM combat personnel. See project: Spear Tip <<Classification: Omega - Clearance Required>>

Background: Advanced Combat Synthetic Human. Appears Middle Aged. Imprinted with the key components of subject selected from project Spear Tip.
Note: Project decommissioned 2239 – Equipment reassigned to forward deployed USCM assets. New designation.. Expendable.

Simulated Gender: Male
Age: 6 Years (Appears around 29-30range)
Date of Activation: 2244 (the current year) minus your age: 2238
Place of Activation: CLASSIFIED –Record Expunged—
Ethnic Display: Medium Complexioned White, Tan
Height: 6’0
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Maintenance Record: 2239- Cosmetic repair and software upgrades. Results of combat action against insurgent forces in outer rim. 2243- Refit/ Repair, minor cosmetic upgrades, Results of combat action against xenomorphic life forms. Acid resistant synthetic compound added to dermis giving a 25% damage reduction to molecular acid. Prolonged exposure will cause rapid deterioration of affected areas, experimental behavior upgrade allowing for more rapid assimilation of human emotion in order to better integrate into front line combat role.

Physical Appearance: 29-30’s, Visible vertical scar to the left of left eye from temple over left cheekbone ending in line with level of mouth (think Kurt Russell from “Soldier”) Average athletic build between a runner and a builder.

Programmed Behavior: A very reserved. Spends as much time observing others quietly as he does actually speaking with them. Will speak up and take charge when necessary but, normally chooses to maintain his own counsel and follow orders. Quiet nature makes him a natural choice for scout/ recon roles. Displays above human average skills in most normal combat roles.

--Other Information

Weapons: M-41-A2 Pulse Rifle w laser sight and shot gun attachment, 1911 pistol in.45 Cal, Standard Ka-bar combat knife

Personal Effects: Customized Marine Combat Armor. Displays “Game Over” stenciled across chest. Armor painted in MultiCam, matching BDU uniform worn underneath.


Example Post:
The squad was spaced out evenly ahead of him. Each member had taken cover where they could find it when the explosion went off. Luckily for them the corridor of the ship was cluttered with obsolete equipment accumulated over the long life of the pirate vessel.
Merric observed the squad from the recessed doorway he had stepped into. He also noted the doors were welded shut from the other side. The probability of this being an ambush point had risen to 89% since the explosion and the doors being welded in this junction.
His four squad mates would not last long however, under the constant stream of AP shells being brought to bear, two linked auto turrets had started firing from behind concealment. A pile of junk had obscured them from early discovery. The guns thudded out a steady beat one overlapping the other as its twin slowed its rate of fire to keep the barrels from quickly heating up. The engagement clock only read 65 seconds and the squad was dead in the water. Merric reviewed the mission protocols in the span of an artificial heartbeat and made his decision.
Moving in time with the firing of the turrets he stepped from cover firing his M-41 from the hip. His rounds clipped the pile of junk in front of the right turret. The junk fouled the firing solution long enough for Merric to advance to within 5 paces of the guns. As he was stepping into another area of cover the left gun picked up its cycle firing into Merrick. Rounds began striking into his left leg above the knee. The impacts caused the leg to temporarily fail before the redundancies kicked in. His left leg collapsed bringing his left shoulder into another round of AP.
Even as his body was compromised causing warning signals to appear red and urgent in his vision Merric tossed a primed grenade between the two weapons. It detonated loudly. The resulting over pressure pushed Merric back and into a dark, defunct console. Immediately, combat protocols, re-routed internal power to compensate for the damage in his leg. His left arm however was down to 55% function and would need major repair after the mission.
Merric pushed himself off the console with his right elbow. His right hand was still holding his rifle up scanning for threats. To compensate for the damage he attached his sling over his right shoulder to help steady his one handed aim during rapid fire. Absently, the other members of his squad gave him a light tap on the shoulder as they moved ahead and past the smoking ruin of the ambush point.
They never actually thanked him, that would be a violation of mission protocol, and been wasted on his still early programing. The gesture was however noted by Merric for future review after mission end. Now damaged but with a combat rating of over 78% Merric took up the position of rear guard following his squad into the unknown.
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