CA-3A Wilderness Area Information

The stinking swampy expanse of forest that extends from Arilon westward into the depths of the CA-3A continent. It is a research haven for members of Weyland-Yutani Industries and The Saturn Organization in regards to pharmaceuticals and bioweapons.
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CA-3A Wilderness Area Information

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CA-3A Wilderness


Climatic and Geographic Considerations: The wilderness of the CA-3A continent is a soupy, swampy, subtropical rolling expanse of forest. The tempreture climbs to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis during the summer months, especially the farther inland you travel from the ocean. Very little rain falls over the forest itself, and most of the precipitation of the area “falls” in the form of a very dense mist.

Indigenous Life: This area has a great contingent of wildlife and is extremely rich with biodiversity. There are very few hostile organisms of note, although there are a few notable diseases that originate here, to include:
  • Hemophilus: A paramecium that is easily contracted by drinking the water of the wilderness, Hemophilus will literally coagulate your blood in your circulatory system within 72 hours of contracting the parasite through a powerful enzyme it produces during its reproductive cycle. This disease is fatal almost 100% of the time if not vaccinated against prior to contraction.
  • Eye Rot: A fungus that’s spores are released during times of heavy mist, this disease uses high humidity situations to spread itself to moist areas on the bodies of animals. While it can be dangers if it gets in any moist area of the body, it can literally rot holes in the eyes if they get infected. Simple topical eye rinses daily should prevent infection.
  • The Wet Cough: Caused by the same fungal spores that cause Eye Rot, the Wet Cough is a fungal infection of the lungs that impedes the organisms ability to breath. A mold literally builds itself over the interior walls of the lungs and slowly gathers moisture from inhaled air to sustain itself. This in turn causes a very wet, very deep hacking cough that can permanently watermark lungs if it goes untreated and, in some instances, is fatal.
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