Elysiat Area Information

An artificial floating city, supported on its own island of man-made origin, Elysiat is located approximately 73 miles south west of the Trobiand Archipelago and is connected via suspended highway.
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Elysiat Area Information

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The Floating City

15 Million (Human), 4.2 Million (Arcturian), 1.1 Million (Sangheli), 0.3 Million (Other)

Political Situation: The traditional Arcturian government is a republic state, although the current state of unrest (read below) has put a strain on the government as well as its relationship with the United Americas and European Union. Outside influence from South Africa has only increased the pressure caused by ARM for the Arcturian government to separate itself from Terran interference. It is interesting to note that the crime and unrest demographic of Elysiat is substantially less than that of traditional Arcturian settlements, such as the Trobiand Archipelago. It is theorized that because Elysiat is completely of human design that it holds no real sentimental ties to the "Arcturian motherland" that other areas hold, keeping ARM and SAAF molestation low.
  • Crime and Militant Activity (Unrest Demographic): Crime in Elysiat is relatively low. The entire establishment's economy revolves around fishing, commerce, and support of the United Americas’ Aerospace Center in the heart of the city. The overall security and police activity of the entire city is higher because of the inclusion of the UAAC in the city demographic, but it would be a lie to say that nothing slips through the cracks…
    Currently, the USCMC uses the UAAC as a staging ground for missions in and out of the Trobiand Archipelago, especially after the closure of Camp Baselone.
  • ARM and GIS: Both the Arthurian Rebel Militia and Galactic Independence Separatists use Elysiat as cover to conduct small scale guerilla / terrorist operations against the local human populace / United States Aerospace Force / United States Colonial Marine Corps. They also use Elysiat as a recruiting ground, fueled by angry civilians who see others arrested for protests and other such “constitutional” activities that are too close to the United Americas’ Aerospace Center.
  • Xhenphis: Think of the Yakuza…but run by the Sangheli. This Sangheli criminal organization has a very, very small cadre of operatives inside of Elysiat whose sole purpose is to do the bidding of corrupt corporate puppet masters. Much of the human money that the Xhenphis organization uses to trade with human organizations is laundered in Elysiat. Little attention gets paid to them since ARM and GIS soak up the majority of it. It is interesting to note that Xhenphis is founded upon Sangheli sanctity, privacy, and history; while their methods may be questionable, they do a fine job protecting the unique assets of their race from outsiders. For this reason, it is almost unheard of to find Xhenphis involved in the trade of extraterrestrial weapons to humans.
Business Demographic: Commerce drives Elysiat. There are no major industries of note inside the city, aside from a few small endeavors such as a Coca-Cola Bottling Plant or a Hyperdyne Systems Maintenance Facility. Instead, the city is a major trade port where all manner of materials are exchanged between countries, organizations, companies, etc. While Elysiat has a small population for a city of its size, it easily exchanges four times the amount of money that a city of 100 million may in a year’s time.

Climatic and Geographic Considerations: Elysiat is completely surrounded by water and has a “farmable” land surface area of less than 0.10%, most of which is limited to small imported plots of dirt and flower beds. The city almost always remains between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit due to the cool breezes always blowing in from the surrounding ocean. These breezes do carry in the occasional rain, however, or sometimes even typhoons.

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