Stargate: Meropis

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Stargate: Meropis

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Stargate Meropis is a Proboards based Stargate role-playing game, picking up where SG:Universe and Atlantis left off and running in canon with the Stargate Franchise.

Meropis: "The island-city beyond the oceans" Mythology states it was the sister city to Atlantis. Similar in many ways. But it is more than mere myth...

Two years after launching the Atlantis expedition, it was discovered in the ancient database that a sister city named Meropis exists. The information was relayed to Earth and after much consideration, the IOA and Joint Chiefs of Staff gave the go ahead to send an expedition to Meropis, 3 million light years from home in the Triangulum Galaxy. The fifth Daedalus-Class ship to be built on earth funded by the Chinese Government, named The Sun Tzu, is designated to the Triangulum project. The Sun Tzu leaves Earth with a full expedition led by Brigadier General Jason Conway to establish an outpost in Meropis and to gather technology for use in the defense of earth. This is where your story begins...

Stargate: Meropis - Proboards Roleplaying Game


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