The Trobiand Archipelago Area Information

Arcturia's cradle of life, it is theorized that the Arcturians themselves originated in this area. The Trobiands are one of the largest and most vibrant areas in the world, but unfortunately the Arcturian Rebellion has plunged the area into a state of near perpetual violence.
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The Trobiand Archipelago Area Information

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The Trobiand Archipelago

192 Million (Arcturian), 43 Million (Human), 6.7 Milliion (Other)

Political Situation: The traditional Arcturian government is a republic state, although the current state of unrest (read below) has put a strain on the government as well as its relationship with the United Americas and European Union. Outside influence from South Africa has only increased the pressure caused by ARM for the Arcturian government to separate itself from Terran interference.
  • Crime and Militant Activity: Actual crime in the Trobiands is low and generally only spurred on when rebel / military activity masks it.

    Rebel / military activity in the Trobiand Archipelago is extremely high. The Arcturian Rebel Militia works hard here to drive human influence off of Arcturia, with help from the South African Aerospace Force. Clashes with United States Colonial Marines are a common occurrence. Rebels rely heavily on guerrilla and terrorist tactics to threaten the government and try to further their own agenda.
Unrest Demographic: ARM is the primary source of unrest in the area, with their guerrilla / terrorist attacks. South African Aerospace forces, specifically Aerospace Force Marines and their Special Operations wing. United States Colonial Marine Corps units are consistently rotated in and out of the area for stability and security operations against these forces, but upkeep on an enemy like ARM, that blends in with the local populace and relies heavily on small unit operations is a daunting task.

Business Demographic: The Trobiand Archipelago exports a large amount of sea food and produce to planets in the local cluster of Rim, making farmlands and gathering skills their greatest asset. Unfortunately, this also makes farmers, fishers, and farmlands one of ARM's number one targets.

Geographic and Climatic Considerations: The Trobiand Archipelago is scattered over several hundred miles of islands that extends from the north western most continent of the planet, Trobia. The islands are interconnected through a series of both roadways and electromanetic skyways. The islands are fairly old and have stopped growing, as the volcanic activity that formed them is now in a state of dormancy.

The tropical climate of the Trobiands is humid and hot, with storms and typhoons bringing frequent rains to the area. This makes the area a optimum position for many of the planets sprawling farmlands and ranches.

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