Hey Dudes

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Stokely, R.G.
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Hey Dudes

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Anyone still here? The reason I found this place is actually because I was trying to track down the records of the original Mars mission, but the old forums have long since disappeared into the aether. Weird to think that was 12 whole years ago. Is Arose still kicking?

Cohen, J
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Re: Hey Dudes

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Heya Stokes! Looks like this forum's down. Arose is off of Facebook to the best of my knowledge, and I haven't heard from him in a while.

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Redds, J. H.
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Re: Hey Dudes

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oh shit it's stokely. haven't seen you in ages. welcome back, dude.

things are pretty quiet here but there're a few people still hanging around. we lost a lot of people when uscmcrpg.net went down, and everyone else got busy with life. the old ezboard forums got migrated to yuku.

arose is off being a dad. i think i still have his number but haven't talked to him in years.
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Sandros, JL
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Re: Hey Dudes

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Well, well, well.... All my little ducks are lining up... We might just breathe some life into this thing after all

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