Arilon Area Information

A sprawling city of 26 million people, Arilon is the largest populated area on the surface of Athenis Prime.
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Arilon Area Information

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26 Million (Human), 1.3 Million (Arcturian), 2.56 Million ("Prawn")

Political Situation: United American and European Union joint democratic republic with a police force of roughly 500,000.
  • Crime: Arilon is a Medium Crime location.
Unrest Demographic: Small groups of Arcturian Rebel Militia (ARM) and Galactic Independence Seperatists (GIS) operate amidst the city, using it as a point of recruitment as well as a logistical supply point. These groups use Arilon to speak out against Earth-bound governments / human supremacy.
  • ARM: ARM uses Arilon to reach out against Arcturians who have defected from their home world of Arcturia as well as a point where they can attack a human civilian populace almost at random in an effort to speak out against two of the largest Terran super powers.
  • GIS: Seperatists in Arilon are not only known for their acts of organized violence, but also as a hub for getting their political voice heard, subsequently making Arilon one of their most important points for recruiting new members.
  • Organized Crime: Small groups of organized criminals use the pharmaceutical market as a way to peddle new and powerful synthetic drugs as well as a way to generate profits for themselves. ARM and Prawn populations also give these criminals easy access to extraterrestrial weaponry.
  • The Prawns: While there are a few exceptionally intelligent members of the Prawn race, they are, for the most part, a group of degenerate and somewhat stupid people. Because of the few intelligent Prawns that are out there, their people do have some exceptionally advanced weapons and technology...but when wielded by their lesser counterparts...well... They are an inadvertent threat to the people of Arilon.
Business Demographic: Arilon is a major commercial hub in the trade of resources gathered from Athenis Prime as well as nearby Ferrhan. The trade business is the primary gear of the local economy. A close second is pharmaceutical research, powered by the vast biodiversity of Athenis Prime. Unfortunately there is also rumors of bio-research and experimentation being performed on the Prawns who inhabit the cities underworld.

Geographic and Climatic Considerations: The city takes up roughly 640 square miles where three rivers meet from the inner portions of the CA-3A continent, forming one large mouth that empties into a great bay. This region near the coast creates a lot of low level revenue for the small businesses of the local economy as they provide a lot of food from the seas of Athenis Prime.

The coastal climate is surprisingly dry, but a cool ocean breeze almost always sweeps over the city, even in the sweltering heat of the summer sun

Areas of Interest:
  • Arilon Skyway: Perhaps not the most impressive skyway system in Rim, the Arilon Skyway is still well organized and critical to the livelihood of the city. It hosts a number of overhead electromagnetic automobile and rail systems that run all over the city.
  • The Underworld: The name for the dirty, down trodden section of the city that encompasses the sewers, slums, and back alleys of the lower areas of Arilon. ARM and Prawn groups use the Underworld to survive outside of the eyes of Terran eyes.
  • Waterways: A series of river mouths and tributaries leading into the bay, local fisher groups depend on the city waterways to survive.