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Drop Prep (Open)

Posted: Oct 16, 2011, 6:07 PM
by Kelly, D
July 1st 22:00 USS Corwin Armoury

PFC Darren Kelly worked at a bench in the corner of the armoury, making a final check of his gear before the drop tomorrow. His first drop.
Time to find out if he had the what it takes to make it in a front line assault unit like Bravo Company. Back home in Bristol his mates were probably pissed out of their skulls on cheap vodka celebrating the first day of the St Pauls Carnival. Aboard the USS Corwin in orbit around this nothing outpost, Darren was making final adjustments to his sight zeroing.

He stood up from the bench where all the rest of his combat gear was laid out for inspection and crossed to the test range, clipping the simulation rig to the muzzle of his DMR as he went. At the range station he loaded a single blank round into the breach, donned his safety glasses and ear buds and took a firing stance. The range was set to simulate the head of a man sized target exactly 400m away. Carefully Darren lied up the shot and squeezed the trigger.


The ranges sensors instantly calculated fall-of-shot and projected a tiny red dot on the target: Off-centre, 2 o'clock by about 30mm. Not bad but not good enough. Darren adjusted the sight turrets ever so slightly and loaded another blank.


Again the range ran the equations: Dead centre.

Darren removed his safety gear and sim-rig and returned to the work bench to strip and clean his sidearm one last time.